A rich and diverse heritage

Discover Alsace, a rich and diverse heritage

Choose Alsace as a destination means choosing a holiday full of nature, but also full of historical, art, gastronomy discoveries and much more! Alsace is indeed a land generous in heritage who, despite itself, belonged to Germany for several years, today it draws benefit from this Germanic culture thatstrongly influenced.

In addition to its historical heritage, marked by tragic wars, it emerged stronger, Alsace was recognizedglobally for its gastronomic heritage: its wines, sauerkraut, her pies outbreaks are only the beginning of your discovery of Alsace.

But the Alsatian heritage is also art, culture and industry! For contemporary art lovers, escape at theFrançois Schneider Contemporary Art Centre Foundation is 5 minutes from the Domaine du Hirtz. In Mulhouse (25 minutes from the Domaine) you will find the Textile Museum and Printed Textiles, theAutomobile Museum, the Train City, so many places to visit that will change your outlook on Alsace and you will realise its overall importance in industrial development.

 True vestiges of the feudal period, do not miss the many-castles who join the Alsatian heritage: Castle Engelbourg the Hohlandsbourg, the Kaysersberg, the Haut-Koenigsbourg to name a few few. Travel back in time and let yourself be carried away by your imagination between the high walls of these fortresses. In these places, you will take more aware of the issues that marked the Alsatian territory throughout centuries!