Alsatian gastronomy

Discover Alsatian gastronomy

Who, hearing the word “Alsace” does not see pass before his eyes some delicious dishes? Or do notthink of hectares of vineyards producing wines so pampered in the world?

During your trips, you will be spoilt for choice of hotels and restaurants that welcome you to make youtaste the Alsatian gastronomy. On the menu you will find all kinds of refined and generous dishes, always, the inevitable flammeküche’ – outbreak pie, sauerkraut, baeckeoffe, Munster dishes, foie gras, accompanied by a choice of a good white wine from the area in Alsace, or a finely chosen beer. Do not hesitate to ask your server will be happy to share his knowledge and love of Alsace.

Hotels of the Wine Road are especially renowned for their traditional Alsatian and gourmet menu andsuggest the best wines produced right next to home, in neighbouring vineyards.

The team at the Domaine du Hirtz and its chef experienced in catering will be happy to introduce you to the Alsatian gastronomy but also will advise you some gourmet tips that will make you want to never leave Alsace!