Discovery walks

The discovery walks: to learn more about Alsace!

Either by the hundreds of kilometers of bicycle path, the wild hiking trails in the Vosges or the tourist routes, you will find in Alsace’s discovery walks: a way to walk while learning about topics as varied as the fauna and flora, details of a battle or the history of a place.

The discovery walks are ideal to do so on foot or bike and will be appreciated by all ages!

Close to the Domaine du Hirtz, you will find the Thur River and its realtion with de water industry. 14 teaching notes punctuate the route of the bike path connecting Vieux-Thann and Bitschwiller-lès-Thann. The purpose of these panels is illustrated to explain the hydraulic mechanisms and the role of water held during the Industrial Revolution. Children and adults will enjoy the educational and detailed diagrams, drawings and fun puzzles.

The city of Munster (45 minutes away from Wattwiller) offers as well walks discoveries in the form of historical tours. You can discover the numerous traces and remains left by the battle of Gaschney-Reichackerkopf and the one on Linge,   both took place during place during World War l.

There is something for all tastes and hobbies. During your stay in Alsace, test the discovery walks!