Discover the activity “sled dogs” in Alsace!

The Far North, Alaska, the Northwest Territories of Canada, Lapland … Who has not dreamed of being immersed, if only for a few hours in the northern tribes of the world, adventurers of extreme, to rub the lifestyle of hunters and far North to take to one of the heroes of good Frisian Roche?

The thermometer may not indicate an outside temperature of -35 ° C, but the folklore and the traditional practice of dog sleds are in the Vosges. Sledges of authentic, dogs bred and trained at altitude Line, respecting the living conditions linked to their breed, and experienced mushers are waiting for you totravel kilometers in the snow in an unprecedented way, sledding, in the peace and enchantment of a wilderness.

You can choose to bundle up in a sled and let you rock, or, for the more adventurous, climb on the backof the sledge and take the reins!

Even in summer, when the snow is gone, some mushers can present their packs of pedigree dogs: husky, Greenlanders, Malamutes, Alaskans, etc. the traits and character so appealing.

Discover the huskies at Domaine du HIRTZ especially in winter in the village of Santa Claus, for an unforgettable and original adventure for the whole family!