Donkey riding

A unique experience: Donkey Riding

Do you have the desire to experiment something different to normal, to walking, to biking, to riding a car? Try donkey riding! You could go for a pick nick with the company of our donkeys Hernest and Fonzy leaving from the Domaine du Hirtz.

Many associations offer you the opportunity to experiment and be passionate about nature, especially with donkeys and other animals. The ridings are usually customized. You could find the An-Art Metzeral Association at the Pfeifferberg farm or the Bijâne at Westhalen services 20minutes away from Domaine du Hirtz that will offer you day tours, and can also organize activities for many days is you wish it, if you desire to go for an intimate ride the guide is not necessary.

Donkey riding is a an alternative way to discover Alsace from a little bit higher, slower at the same pace of the donkey to the sweetness of the Alsatian flora and fauna. Discover the Alsatian vineyards or dry heaths Bollenberg and Lutzelberg donkeys. This will create unique memories for you and your family.

Donkey riding is also an original way to mark an event: birthday, family celebration, theme day, etc.

All reasons are good to live this friendly and full of sweetness experience!

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