Events at Domaine du HIRTZ

There is always something at the Domaine du HIRTZ. Over the months, various events punctuate the tourist season and celebrate regional highlights:

réseaux micMay 22th – Networks at the top: Guided tours of Hartmannswillerkopf

In connection with the Dominique Ackerman photography exhibition “Switzerland Lippique”, we invite you to a very nice tour, which allows you to discover the famous Hartmannswillerkopf. Sunday, May 22th, 2016, it offers 3 hiking routes (at 10am, 11am and 2pm) from the Domaine du HIRTZ.






From April 29th to May 29th – Photography exhibition: « Suisse lippique »

We are pleased to invite you to the Stammtisch du HIRTZ to visit Dominique Ackermann photography exhibition “Switzerland lippique”. The exhibition will be visible every day, from April 29th to May 29th 2016, in the Stammtisch of the Domaine du HIRTZ, during the opening hours of eco-tourism residence, depending on availability and booking rooms.





HIRTZ’ART – Arts Spring in the heart of nature.

To celebrate the arrival of summer, the Domaine du HIRTZ, in partnership with the Association Domaine Nature invites you to HIRTZ’ART event.
From 9 to 17 April 2016, we expect you to Domaine HIRTZ to enjoy two weekends of conviviality and sharing about art in all its forms.





extra-oeuf-dinaire - site evenements “Extra-oeuf-dinaire” event, easter events in the middle of the forest

In a spring decor, the Association Domaine Nature and the eco-tourism residence Domaine du HIRTZ, invite you to participate in the “extra-œuf-dinaire” event , which will leave you with unforgettable memories. Enjoy an afternoon with family or friends and discover the HIRTZ Park and Easter events in the middle of the forest, on the heights of Wattwiller.





The Ark of HIRTZarche-hirtz-s

From Saturday February 6th to Sunday 21th February, from 2pm to 7pm, the Domaine du HIRTZ offers unprecedented output, which will dream big and small. Le Chalet du HIRTZ comes alive with “The Ark of HIRTZ” an exhibition that presents the animal world as stuffed animals ans automata. Anatomy, fur or feathers, look, each animal is reproduced perfectly.





Santa invites you to the Domaine du HIRTZ

An authentic Christmas in connection with the exceptional setting of Hirtzenstein is preparing … From 26th November to 31th December 2015, the Domaine Nature Association in partnership with Mega Soul Trip Productions install, in the magical setting of Santa’s cottage, animations, meetings, tales and walks that will delight young and old.

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Spring Arts

When the buds blooming and the nature is reborn, artists ask their easels in the Park of the Domaine to capture the magic of the moment. This is an annual meeting between art and nature, where new talents hatch under the eye of visitors. Both painting competition, meeting with friends and outdoor exhibition, the Hirtz’Art is the first highlight of the year.






Every year in May and October, the herds are setting off for traditional transhumance. Dairy cows are guided to the farms of altitude before the summer and come down to the village before the frosts of winter. Will you just watch them pass, or will you choose to accompany them on their journey? Picnic on the grass or mulled wine on arrival.





When the park puts on a show

An outdoor terrace, an improvised stage and this is the area of the park turned into open-air theater for the summer. Amateur artists, local volunteers and multiple small feverish hands were afférées all year to offer shows, morning or night, often inspired by the traditions and legends of Alsace.





Seeds and Autumn Colors

A week “of the earth to plate” will introduce you to pick berries, mushrooms, flowers and wild herbs. And you will taste the best wines of Alsace. In the Domaine du HIRTZ, workshops, cooking and tasting succeed the markets for local products.





Travel back in time

From the Middle Ages to the Great War, the Hirtzenstein site was a hotbed of history in Alsace. Tourism memory allows us to share this experience with our visitors at exhibitions, commemorations and shows at the heart of the area or the nearest sites.