The Domaine du Hirtz, the commitment of a unique experience.

Ready for an unforgettable holiday?

Whether you come from abroad, from the other end of France or Alsace, the Domaine Hirtz agrees to make you live a unique and completely new experience. Its purpose is to allow you to discover or rediscover Alsace and the Vosges mountains of the interior, you impregnating deep and connecting with those lands to the character so strong and endearing.

For green tourism in Alsace, the Domaine Hirtz agrees !

The agreement of an ideal access point in green tourism in Alsace.

One of the strong values of the Domaine du Hirtz is to give you unlimited access to the joys of nature and offer you an experience of active green tourism, healthy and invigorating for both your body and for your mind. Put on your walking shoes, take your explorer stick, why not your map and compass, and leave the area on foot on numerous hiking trails to explore the Regional Natural Park of the Ballons des Vosges and live an amazing adventure of freshness and purity! In addition, you can also discover many sites to the stunning beauty and many fun activities related to nature, always at least an hour in the field, allowing you to constantly find the balance between rest and leisure activity.

The commitment of a green house at the heart of nature

Live green tourism in Alsace even into your accommodation! The Domaine du Hirtz agrees to let you experience days and nights, memorable moments, couple, family, friends or solo, if you are looking for solitude and quiet. Indeed, the Domaine du Hirtz offers different types of accommodation at the heart of nature, away from the bustling city… The opportunity to meet and enjoy the soothing benefits of a preserved natural environment. Whether at treetops in a lodge or in the woody atmosphere of cosy studios of the hotel, your holiday begins in the green on your first night!