Green Classes

Choose Domaine du Hirtz for your green class in Alsace!

It is the EVENT of the year, the long awaited moment by students prepared hard for teachers, encouraged by parents and motivated by the quest for learning: the Green class! And because there is no better way to learn and retain the lessons of life in the form of experiments, discovery class is a unique moment to open the eyes of every child in the world around , on science, on the history of his region, his country and the culture in which he grew up!

It is for all these reasons that the HIRTZ Domaine is particularly pleased to host regular outdoor classes. Accessible to all, the Domaine du HIRTZ infrastructure are especially suitable for children, and its forest situation in the middle of nature on a quartzite rock near the Vosges fault, do make it a more magical conducive to scientific discovery!

Throughout the year, the village offers on its site of discovery activities and workshops suitable for children.

Example of a weekly program:

Monday: The secrets of making bread at 10am to 14h trip to Hartmannswillerkopf
Tuesday: Orienteering and Flammenküche Evening campfire and from 19h
Wednesday: Recycling Workshop “making natural” at 10 am and Hiking nocture to the discovery of the local wildlife
Thursday: Discover the nature trail from 10am Workshop “theater” evening
Friday: Ballade equestrian and from 10 am Evening concert from 19h
Saturday: Hike the water trail of Wattwiller and Alsatian Folk evening from 18:30
Sunday: Workshop “plastic arts” and Board Games from 17h

To build your customized program, please contact us!