Health trails

A new type of youth thank to the health trails in Alsace

Between biking, walking, Nordic walking, ski, dos sliding etc… Alsace offers multiple possibilities to experience the best sport vacations you could have dreamt. But the proof that Alsace is by itself a healthy region is the presence of 92 health trails where fifty are locate in the Haut-Rhin.

A health trail or sport trail is nothing other than a path adapted with station that allows us to realize physical activities from which we can all find a benefit to getting out and enjoy of nature. On a health trails not even the kids get the impression that they are walking because they await anxious the next station. The normal jogger is able to accomplish his or her training and achieve their goals.

In family, in couple or by yourself, discover the many health trails that Alsace offersand that will allow you to have a nice time while exercising your body.

The nearest Health trail to the Domaine du Hirtz is the Sport Trail at Wattwiller located on the Durrenber path.