Memory tourism in Alsace

Transmit and remember through memory tourism in Alsace

1870, 1914-1918, 1939-1945 … Three major wars and dramas that have left indelible marks on the Alsatian territory and now gives it a special place in the history books and in memory tourism.Therefore impossible to visit Alsace without realizing it was the scene of terrible clashes as thousands of soldiers lost their lives on its soil, but also it was the active control of the Franco-Germanreconciliation, a pioneer of European unity. Its story demonstrates the willingness of Alsace to build,move forward, to draw lessons from the past without falling into the pitfalls of rejection andconfinement.

It is this history that wish to retrace the different memorial sites in Alsace, modestly of course, butdetermined to keep alive the memory of the victims and to teach the new generations.

A few kilometers from Wattwiller, take the opportunity to project yourself into the hell of the First World War by advancing in narrow trenches Hartmannswillerkopf. Next to the Domain, you can not missMemory Vault. A little further north, visit the Memorial of Alsace-Moselle Shirmeck, an interactive museum, where the story is written in the present.” The only concentration camp on Frenchterritory today, in Natzwiller Struthof, also called the European Centre for Deported Resistance Fighters, also welcomes visitors from Alsace and elsewhere, wanting to know and soak history, true,without masks and without rhetoric, with its horrors and victories.

So enjoy your stay at Domaine Hirtz to the memory tourism in Alsace and feel the history of this areaapart.