Multi-sensory trail

With the multi-sensory trails in Alsace, awaken your senses

Have you ever noticed that you could walk in the woods without noticing the singing of the birds, or walk kilometers of path without realizing the texture of the ground? Walk by next to a field of flowers without appreciating their beauty?

Sometimes the sound of our thoughts, the weight of our stress or simply the moments share with our families or friends prevent our eyes to see, our ears to hear, our feet to feel , our nostrils to smell.

The Alsace sensory trails were created to bring the visitor to an awareness of the natural living environment in which it operates. They allow a deeper symbiosis with nature and above all, to capture the senses of beauty and treasures that contain the Alsatian fauna and flora.

Discover for example the textures of the soil under your feet by following the Lac Blanc barefoot trail: sand, wood chips, stone slabs, gravel, bark etc. This is a rare and wonderful opportunity to rediscover the forgotten era of a life without shoes, which offers our feet and our senses a panel of unique sensations and a new freedom!

For more information, please check with the HIRTZ Domaine team.