Nordic Walking

Nordic walking: new hikes in the Haut-Rhin!

The classic hike, if everyone does not practice, everyone knows! But have you heard of Nordic walking? Development in practice for several years, Nordic walking comes from Finland and was developed originally as a drive for cross-country skiers in summer. This is simply a walk with sticks.What’s the difference, you ask? Well aware that scientific studies have shown the many benefits ofNordic walking compared to classical works: stature of the back straight, reducing the impact on knees,higher calorie consumption, etc.

Nordic walking is the new trend sport on the footpaths!

Still, that sticks or not, the department of Haut-Rhin offers kilometers of trails and hiking trails where you can go hiking, Nordic walking or simply walking!

If you want more information on Nordic walking, do not hesitate to contact us. Similarly, the Domaine du HIRTZ, will provide you with hiking maps that will be available to discover the hikes in the region and around the area!