Organizing your wedding in the 68, the Domaine du Hirtz

Choose to celebrate his wedding at Domaine du Hirtz is choosing to put everything on his side!

This Domaine, located in the Upper Rhine (Haut-Rhin) is above all a special place to vacation, to relax, which therefore provides the universe dreamed for a casual event, stress free, or each, and the married couple first, savour every moment and already dare to escape into their honey cocoon.
The Domaine du Hirtz is characterized by its generosity in various ways: the generosity of the natural setting in which it operates, generosity and refinement of each accommodation, the generosity of the team, the generosity of the place to people experiencing disability etc.
It is in this fundamental and online sharing principal, the Domaine du Hirtz’s team proposes to facilitate the organization of your wedding. Indeed, it offers four key elements for the organization of your wedding in the 68:

+ Catering Chef, for the meal is a moment of conviviality and an explosion of flavour.
+ A service team working with the Catering Manager for the establishment of reception furniture, table service dinner cocktail or aperitif and during the meal.
+ Animations for your wedding night: discovery workshops, musicians, campfire etc.
+ The hosting of your guests to extend sharing.

For a successful marriage, Hirtz choose the team that will put all his heart and all his skills in the service of one of the most important events of your life!

For reservations or information, contact us!