Rental for wedding in Alsace: reception and accommodation

Dreaming of a magical place, an enchanting and an unrivaled welcome to Alsace to make your wedding an unforgettable event? At the same time, looking for a place that will simplify the overall organisation of this unique day? Giving all the desire to come to rejoice with you, even if they come from far away?
To do this, what better than to choose a place in a natural setting of a romantic beauty also providing the opportunity for everyone to sleep on site, and thus to keep the party, joy, sharing and friendship time?

The Domaine du Hirtz meets all these criteria. Indeed, you will have the choice between different reception, and you can allow your guests to enjoy the party without time constraints or wheel, offering them the opportunity to be hosted in field. In addition to privatize our “Well-Being”, so you can also book all the hotel rooms, lodges and unusual accommodation for your guests.

Make your wedding a moment of adventure!

For information on rates and booking conditions, please do not hesitate to contact us!