Telluric energy

The telluric energy, a scientific fact!

Surprisingly yet entirely real! An electric current is constantly circulating the earth. It is the telluric current with an average density of 2 A/ km2. There are many origins of this currents. Variations in the Earth’s magnetic field, solar radiation and movement of fluids like underground aquifers and magma influence this very low current density. However it is noted that this electric current disappears almost entirely at night, proving the major and main influence of sunlight on the telluric energy.

Le Rocher du Cerf is a magmatic rock located near the Vosges, the ground current is particularly high, only 4.5 km from the Domain du Hirtz.

During your stay in Alsace, do not hesitate to contact the Domaine du Hirtz team which can give you more information about earth’s current energy.