The adapted enterprise, key to success of the Domaine du Hirtz

What is an adapted enterprise?

An adapted enterprise is first a company that has chosen to believe that engagement with people with disabilities is synonymous with success, and that, at several levels. The Domaine du Hirtz is an adapted enterprise with among its employees 80% of persons recognized disabled. These employees put every day, at your service, the best of themselves and their skills to offer you impeccable service, thus allowing you to make the most of a positive and exceptional space.

The strengths of an adapted enterprise

The Domaine du Hirtz believes in the adapted enterprise and positioned itself as such because it defends its strengths.
– A State of approval
– Financial assistance from the State
– The strength of networks
– The growth of social and solidarity economy

Its experience allows to certify the qualities of a disabled worker:
– Its versatility
– Its motivation
– Its commitment to integration in the professional world

Spending holidays at the Domaine du Hirtz will not only ensure that you will stay with a high quality of service, live a unique experience in nature and be an actor of an eco-friendly tourism, but also participate in a dynamic integration of all in working and professional life. If you believe in these values, your holidays at the Domaine du Hirtz will take even more sense!!

The national label “Tourism & Handicap”

The Domaine du Hirtz will benefit from the national label “Tourism and Handicap”. This label is a reliable guarantee of quality for people with disabilities on the accessibility of the area of the Domaine du Hirtz and its site equipment.

Its committment, once again, to allow everyone to spend a holiday out of time, where the complications of everyday life are put some time aside to promote relaxation and relaxation in a setting a generous beauty that will spoil all your senses to be part of your best memories!