The grape harvest in Alsace

Take part in the grape harvest in Alsace

Each year about 18,000 seasonal to conquer the vineyards to harvest their fruit! This is the famousharvest of Alsace that occur, depending on the year, from late August to late October. Some grape varieties rather reap the early harvest, while others must wait until the fall is well underway to give a ripe fruit and conducive to the preparation of wines.

The harvest is for all those who are not afraid boots and rain, who love the countryside and are patientin the effort! Indeed, even if the actions are simple, the grape is picked by hand and requiresperseverance. We must add, however, that these efforts are largely rewarded by the friendly atmosphereof the teams of the harvest and the closeness to nature that renews whoever rubs!

However, what you do may not know is that the joy of the harvest is not reserved only for seasonal workers! It is possible to become “Grape-picker for a day” thanks to tourist harvest during which you can spend half a day with a winemaker. This is an absolutely special time during which you candiscover the world of wine, the charm of hand-picking in Alsace and maybe even qualify for a wine tasting.

If you visit in late August to late October Alsace, do not hesitate to ask about tourist harvest that will delight the whole family!