Your holiday in Wattwiller, discover a place steeped in the history of Alsace, land of welcome

The Domaine du Hirtz in Wattwiller, a rock like no other

Overlooking the village of Wattwiller, the Domaine du Hirtz is located in a place called “Hirtzenstein”, at 570 metres high. Literally, the Hirtzenstein means “rock of the stag”, which once abounded in the surrounding forest. Beyond this feature already denoting the wild and natural side of the region of Wattwiller, the rock of of the stag has a particular history. It is a magmatic rock of quartzite located near the Vosges fault part of the “Parc des Sources” in Wattwiller, known for its mineral springs healing water, already famous in Roman times!

A welcoming and sharing spirit that has stood the test of time and war!

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If it was previously occupied by a castle dating from the Middle Ages, destroyed and rebuilt several times. It was a farmhouse which hosted visitors at the Hirtzenstein at the end of the 19th century. Thus, for over a century, hikers and travelers have come to admire and enjoy the beauty of the Vosges mountains with a stop or passing several days at the Hirtzenstein. This inn was then destroyed by wars but has always risen from its ashes.

In 1955, the holiday family home was founded. The estate then included 12 hectares of land and forests. For 40 years, the family home has hosted families, tourists, summer camps, always looking to welcome more guests and share with them the pleasure and well-being provided by a healthy region where the Nature is rich and respected.


Today, the Domaine du Hirtz welcomes you with a breath of fresh air and modernity. Tourists from around the world like to come and visit each year. The owner of the Domaine du Hirtz also makes it a point to allow everyone to benefit from a rejuvenating resort and therefore takes care that his field is fully accessible to disabled people.

 Wattwiller, a village steeped in the history of Alsace

Wattwiller, this name rings a bell? It is probably because you have seen or tasted mineral water from the sources of the town of Wattwiller, distributed throughout France today!

Wattwiller is not only known for its mineral water spring but also for its vineyards since it is crossed by the Wine Road, the gateway for all wine lovers, vineyards and Alsace.

Wattwiller and the Domaine du Hirtz welcome you in Alsace for an unforgettable stay!