For your holiday, choose accommodation between sweetness and adventure!

Who has not dreamed of one day combine adventure and comfort? To hear the birds singing, savor the texture, smell and crackle of the wood when the heat gives way to the cool? You constantly enjoy a breathtaking view and live your dream! Le Domaine du Hirtz has designed different types of accommodation allowing you to be closer to nature while enjoying comfort and a gentle pampering enjoyable!

Le Domaine du HIRTZ, a true eco-tourism residence for a customized stay in Alsace

An eco-tourism residence with a thousand and one possibilities

Depending on your personality, the type of holiday you are looking for and your budget, the Domaine du HIRTZ offers a range of accommodation that will allow you to find an exceptional place and enjoy the trip of your dreams! Organized as a real residence eco-tourism in Alsace, the Domaine du HIRTZ offers pampering studios and private lodges offering total independence.

Each accommodation offers holiday quality and ensures guests a 100% comfort. Special care was taken to the choice of materials and interior decoration of each dwelling to create a relaxing space to the well being and sharing.

Le Domaine du Hirtz, holiday accommodation in the heart of nature

For couples looking for romance and recreation, or the solo traveler seeking a return to the roots, the Domaine du HIRTZ advise its cocooning studios: simple, friendly and stunning views pushing meditation on the meaning of life!

Finally, for group holidays or family, the private lodge will not please you more! Totally independent and with a private terrace, the lodge provides the Domaine du HIRTZ an atmosphere quite friendly and cheerful.